In 1985 the vision for New Life Christian Academy began in the hearts of the people of New Life Assembly. In our first year, the school was held in the church basement. Although, as the vision began to spread, it became obvious that God gave our people a heart and a mind to work. During that time many worked for low wages and some even worked only for the tuition of their children. Before the second year began, the school moved to its present location at 899 Broad Strett, Summersville, West Virginia.

However, the original facility did not include the two gymnasiums or the secondary building. This move was triggered by an extraordinary service one Sunday morning when God moved on the people to pay off the original church mortgage before taking on additional debt. During that one miraculous gathering over $86,000 was raised. Just think, that was over 20 years ago. It was also interesting that the average age of the congregation was only 25-40 years old. These people were just starting careers, had young children, and not particularly established financially. Nevertheless, these people gave from the depths of their hearts. Their sacrifices included some items that were later converted into cash. Some of the gifts included weddings bands, engagement rings, precious stones, an 18th century Hawkin rifle, a car, a camper, one 150 year old railroad watch, and an uncirculated coin collection. Others took out personal loans, some gave away college funds for their children and even monies that had been set aside for vacations. All were gifts above and beyond their tithes and everyone who made a commitment that morning kept their vow.

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