About Us


At New Life there are some important terms that communicate our priorities and define us as a people.

The first term is PRESENCE. We are a Presence Driven Church. Our highest priority is to encounter God in our individual lives and corporate gatherings. We believe all outward ministry should flow out of upward encounter.

The second term is PRAYER and WORSHIP. We see these two eternal activities as inseparable. We are pursuing them with passion. Jesus is building us into a House of Prayer for all Nations, as we worship Him for who He is and what He does.

The third term is PROCLAMATION. New Life Assembly is on a mission to proclaim Christ and His Kingdom. We are striving to make Jesus famous in Summersville and beyond. Our proclamation strategy is four-fold in nature. 1) Public preaching and teaching of the word. 2) Personal evangelism by presenting the Gospel through one-on-one encounters. 3) Prayer evangelism by praying for temporal needs as a means of demonstrating the Eternal Gospel. 4) Acts of kindness, meaning tangible acts of generosity, showing the Gospel to be an unstoppable blessing.

The fourth term is POWER. The Kingdom of God does not come with mere words but with power. We believe a supernatural God will consistently do supernatural acts among us. He will prove nothing is impossible with Him and nothing is impossible to those who believe.

We are a Godward, Missional Community. We are Godward in our worship, Missional in our outreach and Communal in our love for one another.